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Product Management Coaching with Ken Norton

I’m passionate about the craft of product management and dedicated to helping other product leaders achieve success through the power of coaching.

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I have learned more from my coaching over the last six months than from any manager in my career. It helped me think more intentionally about my product skills, areas for development, and long-term career path.

I highly recommend that other product managers and leaders seek coaching from someone with deep product experience like Ken. I can’t imagine getting the same benefits from someone who didn’t understand the role of product and unique challenges associated with the role.

I was growing in my product leadership career but was running into challenges scaling. I had areas where I was doing well but also blindspots and places where I was struggling. I needed someone who had been there and done that who could help me work on me.

After working with Ken, I’m better at seeing around corners and getting in touch with the root of any issue. I’m better able to articulate who I am as a leader and who I want to be and what it means to show up and lead authentically, what my values are and how to build a culture around core values.

My confidence increased substantially during our time working together. While I may have had the basic skill set for this new role, I hadn’t yet applied it in this way, and I struggled in the early days to find the confidence to bring my skills to the role. Having someone to turn to, to check my thinking, or even at times the things I heard from others, was critical in developing confidence in my answers.

I started so intimidated by Ken and his experience (OK, I honestly still am), and I was worried that I was just too new to this to work with someone so advanced. But, Ken never made me feel that way and was so great at making me feel comfortable with my experience from day one. He met me where I was, and did a great job helping me think about what I needed to when I needed to. He enabled me to get a bit farther faster and with more confidence.

When I came to Ken I was trying to figure out my longer term career goals. Ken really pushed me to think through my core values (helping me come to some key realizations along the way), where I want to be and what I enjoy doing, and how I can take steps towards my goals. Throughout, he focused on helping me figure out what was best for me and thinking critically about it rather than defaulting to the standard product path.

I was able to think critically about what I enjoy working on, my values, what to focus on, and how to move beyond comparing myself to other folks and towards focusing on what I really want.

I had followed and learned a lot from Ken’s writing for years, but to be honest, I was a little skeptical of whether that would translate to coaching since they are different skills. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I have learned from working with Ken as a coach and how his years of product leadership experience bring additional color and perspective, but never in a dominating way.

He listens well, provides a safe space for my external processing, and synthesizes ideas into easy-to-remember concepts and principles that I have been able to bring into my work and growth. Particularly as a mid-career product manager, it can be hard to figure out concrete steps for personal growth and development, so it’s really helpful to work with a professional coach who also knows the ins and outs of product management.

Ken has totally transformed my relationship with myself and my work. Sharing his wealth of product experience and deep understanding of what makes brilliant product leaders, he is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. From helping navigate the most difficult decisions by helping me understand them through my own values to holding me accountable to my commitments, he has helped me grow an incredible amount in the months we’ve worked together.

If you’re looking to grow as a leader and to deepen your self-awareness, I cannot recommend working with Ken enough.

It has been truly transformative to meet with Ken, who has the rare combination of product mastery paired with the intuitive empathy of personalized coaching. Regardless of whether you’re looking to make a career move, or if you want to accelerate your career at your current company, Ken will help you formulate (and continuously re-examine) your thesis for your career to help you live and grow into your most authentic life.