Ken Norton speaking onstage

Ken Norton’s Public Speaking

Ken Norton is an experienced and entertaining speaker on the topics of startups, product management, leadership, and collaboration.

He has been a keynote speaker at conferences around the world including Google I/O, Mind the Product, INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, Product Management Festival and #ProductSF, a guest lecturer at universities such as Harvard Business School and Stanford, and an invited speaker at companies of all shapes and sizes including Slack, LinkedIn, Atlassian, and Stripe.

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Selected Keynote Talks

Please Make Yourself Uncomfortable

What can product managers and product leaders learn from jazz, an art form that is all about improvisation, collaboration, and being willing to take risks? Ken Norton answers in this multimedia keynote speech originally delivered at San Francisco’s Symphony Hall.

Ken Norton onstage at Mind the Product San Francisco, 2016

10x Not 10%

In this ambitious talk, Ken Norton looks at the history of innovation and challenges product managers and product leaders to think bigger, to aim for 10x, not 10%. This closing keynote brought the massive roof down on London’s Barbican Centre.

Ken Norton onstage at Mind the Product London, 2015

In the course of a decade, Ken Norton fundamentally changed the way you communicate, schedule and get around.”

One of those rare product managers who combines both product vision and a strong technical background.”

Simply one of the most thoughtful product people out there.”

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